Namaste! Welcome to Sedona Yoga, sharing the Joy of Yoga with Sean Cooke

Join me on the ever expanding journey of yoga. Yoga is the art and science of stilling the mind.  Through a process of ethical, physical, emotional and meditative practice we can experience ourselves as an integral part of life. Though usually brief in the beginning, these glimpses of life beyond the mind's veil can help shifts in perception and attitude and bring much joy to life. It is my hope to pass on what I have experienced and discovered in the practice. Yoga has helped to give me joy, wellbeing, health, humor and a grounded lightness about life that I did not know was possible! May I share some of that with you.

I will be a presenter at the upcoming Sedona Yoga Festival 2015, click here to sign up!
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Video of some fun Vinyasa Flow sequences:



The "Arizona Lotus" Flower







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